Patient Testimonials

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I am a retired middle school educator and Career Tech educator, and I don't have time for TMJ that interferes with my volunteer activities. I sought help from my dentist when pain in my jaw and ear began to alter my lifestyle. Not only could I not eat, but I could not open my mouth without hurting.

Dr. Baker was recommended to me, and I wasted no time making contact with his office. I went through the exam and was fitted with a small mouthpiece that was supposed to solve the problem. I questioned whether this appliance could solve my pain.

It worked miracles, and after several months of treatment, I was pain-free. After a couple of years, wearing the appliance just once a week works well for me.

Dr. Baker and his staff treated me like family. I would be happy to recommend his practice and care to anyone suffering from TMJ.

March 30, 2016

To whom it may concern:

Around June 2002, I began to feel an acute earache. I put up with it for a while, and then I put some cotton wool in it a day or so later, and it got worse and worse. I visited my family practice doctor who looked into my ear and saw some redness, which he diagnosed as "swimmer's ear" and prescribed some ear drops. I used the drops as prescribed for some days, however the pain only worsened. I again visited my doctor, who then prescribed some stronger steroid drops, which I then used as prescribed. The problem became significantly worse over the next 3 days (a weekend)... so bad that I did not sleep at all from Friday to Monday. My only way of relieving the pain was to kneel on the floor and knock my head against the floor. I stayed in this position and banged my head against the floor every few seconds for approximately 75 hours. By Monday morning I was fairly delirious and in incredible pain. I was driven to my doctor's office who again looked into my ear and admitted that he now thought that the swimmer's ear diagnosis was incorrect and that what he observed was blood being forced from my jaw joint into my ear canal. He stated that this was more of a dental-related condition and that there were very few people (in the world) who understood what that was or who would know how to treat it. Apparently there were some in Europe (London, England), but apparently "some" was it. My girlfriend at that time (in the USA) and my parents and her mother (in the UK) began to urgently investigate where we could find someone at any distance who could stop this pain - ever-increasing by the hour at this point. By some miracle, we discovered that of the microscopic number of doctors who even knew anything about this condition... one of them practiced in Kansas. I should point out that apparently this condition typically onsets over many years and manifests as a dull ache for (sometimes) many years. My case was evidently atypical and onset was only days (maybe 10 days) from earache to unbearable, un-sleepable pain.

We found that the doctor in Kansas (Dr. Roger Baker) had a practice in Wichita... and that he was able to see me that day. Once in his office, Dr. Baker explained in detail and with the use of a 3-D model what caused this condition and this pain. It appeared that my teeth had been out of alignment where my lower set was off-set to one side (I knew this from looking in the mirror from my youth, but did not know what catastrophic effect it could ultimately lead to). My jaw was consequently off-set the other way to make up for my teeth being off-set. Over the years, this had worn away the jaw joint, and the hard jaw bone had become un-hinged and was burying itself into my skull, causing the blood to be pushed into my ear. Dr. Baker created a marvel apparatus in only about 20-30 minutes. We made appointments to come back and really get a good look and work on a plan... but the marvel was, that having been in (at this point) excruciating pain for 3 days, within a couple of hours of wearing this apparatus, I was asleep! I really could not word this any other way than to say that this apparatus was a lifesaver (by that I mean saved my life, not simply "felt better").

I returned for my first scheduled appointment, and Dr. Baker explained much more to me (although I now cannot say what I learned in my initial delirium and what was really explained to me later). Nonetheless, Dr. Baker took the time to make sure I knew what had caused the failure and what the possible cures were. He explained TMJ/TMD and what symptoms are typically like; he prescribed jaw exercises to stretch and realign my jaw in the near term and made a more "permanent" mouthpiece to bring my jaw forward. On a longer-term basis, we agreed on a plan of action that included upper and lower brackets. I had never understood why adults wore braces as "they have gotten this far through life without straight teeth, how vain to worry about them now." I now understand that there can be many (more important) reasons to wear braces and align teeth properly. I returned for many regular office visits where Dr. Baker measured my teeth's progress and took pictures and X-rays and also adjusted and tightened my brackets to continue my realignment. One thing I can say is that when the brackets finally came off, I had a totally new appreciation for my mouth and teeth... they met each other when I chewed, my jaw was at rest when my mouth was shut, and it was a completely different feeling than I had ever felt before... comfortable.

Dr. Baker showed interest in me and my progress throughout my treatment. He gave me the best possible quality treatment and managed to fix what I have to admit felt at the time to be un-fixable.

More than simply showing interest in me during my treatment, I have bumped into Dr. Baker on several occasions after my treatment was complete (which was spring 2004), and he continues to show interest. As a customer, I feel valued; as a patient, I feel cured; as a human, I feel incredibly grateful for my fortune in meeting Dr. Baker and for the fact that he was kind enough to treat me.

A heartfelt, "Thank you!"
Peter Ratcliffe

May 2012

I began having problems with my TMJ while in college back in 2005. After seeing an ENT for what I thought was ear problems, I was told it was severe TMJ that was plaguing me. I began being treated by a doctor in Norman who specialized in working with people with TMJ and continued seeing him for 3 years. At first I was getting some relief from my pain, but after a car wreck in 2007, it went back downhill, and my first doctor couldn't get my pain level to go back down. When my job moved me to southeast Kansas in 2009, I started seeing Dr. Baker at his Wichita office. I found him just by doing a search on Google of ‘TMJ doctors in Kansas.' After meeting with Dr. Baker and his staff, I felt very comfortable with them. Within the first month of getting my new appliance, I was having less pain and popping than with my previous doctor's appliances. When I moved back to Stillwater, Oklahoma, I continued to see Dr. Baker, but I was going to his Tulsa office. I was still going every few months to get my appliance worked on and my jaw pain was still the lowest it had been since my wreck. Now I live in Lawton, Oklahoma, and I continue to see Dr. Baker in his Tulsa office which is a 400-mile roundtrip. I was still having problems grinding horribly and having some pain, so we are now using braces to reset my bite. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I have seen a huge difference within the last 4 months that I have had the braces on as compared to when I was using the appliances. I go see Dr. Baker now every 3-4 weeks to have my braces worked on.  I can say that I don't mind the drive at all knowing that I am getting the best relief and that Dr. Baker and his office staff care about their patients and will work with my work schedule to get me in and out as quickly as possible. Dr. Baker and his staff have been a blessing to me; it's nice to be able to go through the day and not have horrible pain or popping in my jaws.

Ashley B.

I have had headaches that gradually increased in frequency and intensity for the past 25 years. Since the headaches returned regularly, even with medication, I just thought it was something I had to endure. In 2010, I had frequent, horrible headaches and looked into TMJ as the possible cause. Since my treatment from Dr. Baker, my headaches have all but disappeared. I highly recommend Dr. Baker for those who need treatment for TMJ.

Margurette O.

Nine years ago, I had braces put on. My dentist at the time recommended me to pull four healthy teeth in order for my "bite" to be normal.  I did what he recommended; however, to this day, I do not have the "bite" that was promised.

A year ago, I started developing severe back and neck pain. Following the onset of the pain, I started getting severe facial pain, and at times, migraines. I went to my family doctor who then sent me off to a neurologist. This neurological "specialist" concluded that "none of these pains are related in any way and that I should seek psychological help." Ultimately, I really felt this "specialist" needed psychological help more than I did. Going back to my original doctor, they were at a loss of what the cause was and thought that it would be better to fight the issue with "prescription drugs" which was just a Band-Aid for the problem, but not the root cause of it.

It happened to be a friend of mine that I was speaking with that told me about symptoms their child was having, which was very similar to mine. They told me about Dr. Baker and his team and how well they treated them. And best of all, they found the problem that was ailing their child.

With nowhere else to turn, I reached out to Dr. Baker for help. The doctor took time to explain to me what the root cause of my issue was. He showed me why all these symptoms I was experiencing was "not made up in my head" like the specialist before said. He also explained to me where this issue started - nine years back when my teeth were pulled for my "bite". Dr. Baker explained how ultimately this action started the TMD that I have today.

After being treated by Dr. Baker and his team, all my pains went away after a few weeks. To this day I am pain-free.

Thank you, Dr. Baker, for caring for me, a patient, and seeing this issue through to until the end.

Kindest Regards,
Joanna K.

I must thank Dr. Baker for everything. I had a botched surgery when my wisdom teeth were taken out years ago. The dentist who did my surgery had to stretch my jaw open wider in order to get a tooth out completely. Dr. Baker and I think the injured jaw was never healed. Almost every time I opened my mouth, my jaw would pop. I could shift my jaw from side to side and completely dislocate it. My mouth barely opened. The pain had become such a constant thing in my life that I couldn't remember what waking up without pain was like. I finally had enough and started looking for solutions. I went to four different dentists who told me I needed braces, that I grind my teeth, or that I needed surgery. I was not satisfied with any of these answers. I found Dr. Baker after another dentist was kind enough to give me a referral. From the first visit, I was excited that someone finally understood my pain and was able to give me an accurate diagnosis. He showed me videos of what was happening every time I opened my jaw off its correct path, had an open and honest conversation about my pain and what he could do, and was genuinely interested in making me better. I got fitted for my appliance the same day. When I came back to get X-rays and pick up my appliance, I was a little skeptical. It was a lot of money to spend on a little plastic mouthpiece. I lost all apprehension when I woke up the next morning and I was pain-free. I cried! I was stunned! I talked with a lisp for three weeks, wearing my appliance at night, and when I'm not doing much, and my pain is gone. Gone! On top of that, my jawline has changed. It is much more defined and pretty, and my "baby cheeks" that I thought were hereditary? It was really the swelling in my face. It's gone. I have cheekbones! And no pain! This device, Dr. Baker, and his entire wonderful staff who know me by name make me so incredibly happy. I am happy to say thank you, and forever indebted to this little mouthpiece that changed my life.

Jillian O.
Wichita, Kansas

In November 2010, I had horrible headaches, and the pain was so severe that I went to the hospital emergency room. The doctors said it was a migraine and provided pain medication. On the third trip to the emergency room, I was vomiting. They then provided medicine for vomiting but could not control the pain. When the headache would just not go away, I drove from Topeka, Kansas to my dentist to check my teeth. My teeth were okay, but my dentist referred me to Dr. Baker. It was late in the afternoon on a Wednesday, and Dr. Baker stayed late to see me. I was so sick, I threw up in his office. His Tulsa office was totally booked on Thursday and Friday. I was in so much pain that Dr. Baker worked me in his busy schedule on Monday. He and his staff were very helpful. On that same day Dr. Baker made an appliance to wear day and night for three weeks. The only time I took the appliance out of my mouth was to eat.

After the first day, my headaches stopped. What a miracle. I have not had a headache since. Now I only wear the appliance at bedtime. I feel Dr. Baker was a Godsend for me. He helped me when no one else could. I would HIGHLY advise anyone who has TMJ to go see Dr. Baker. I might add I had to drive 2 ½ hours from Topeka to Wichita to go see him. Well worth the trip. God bless you, Dr. Baker!!!

Char A.

In August 2010, I began having headaches and felt like I had a lump on the left side of my neck. I also had ear stuffiness, along with neck pain, shoulder pain and facial pain. I went to my primary physician who ended up sending me to get an MRI because she couldn't see anything. The MRI came back negative. I was then sent to an ear, nose and throat specialist. He ran a scope down my throat and did not see anything abnormal either. I was in so much pain that I then sought help through a chiropractor. Nothing was helping. I tried pain pills and muscle relaxers which only made me feel unstable. The never-ending pain was taking its toll on me mentally and physically.

My dentist referred me to Dr. Roger Baker. I was able to get an appointment in December 2010. Dr. Baker immediately was able to tell that all of my problems were stemming from my jaw. I have TMJ. He immediately fit me with an appliance that I wore 24/7 for the first month. I started improving. Every day was better than the day before. It was such a relief to know that all of my problems were stemming from my jaw. By February 2011, I was pain-free and am now able to enjoy a normal life.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Baker to anyone experiencing what I have gone through.

Christy G.

March 19, 2011

It works for me.

After years of headaches and no cures, my dentist recommended I see Dr. Roger Baker about my TMJ/TMD. Dr. Baker and his staff said they could help with my headaches. After fitting me with my mouth appliance, my face muscles became relaxed immediately. I am happy to report I have no more three-day headaches. My appliance is very important to me, and I wear it every night to sleep.

Thank you,
Ruth Ann P.

Dear Dr. Baker and Staff,

 I wanted to let you know how much your office has helped me. For years, each morning I had jaw pain and headaches, but after your treatment for TMJ, I am literally pain-free! Thanks for helping me feel so much better.

Lindey M.

I used to have severe headaches all the time, so I went to the doctor and was told that I needed to keep a food diary. But that proved to be too difficult, and there didn't seem to be any pattern, so I tried all sorts of medicine. Nothing worked. One day, my mom told me that she thought I had TMJ, so we scheduled an appointment with Dr. Baker. He made me an appliance, and the relief was instant. My TMJ headaches have completely gone away!

Brittany B.

For years I was plagued by migraine headaches. I also had persistent problems with my left ear, which caused me great pain. I was finally referred to Dr. Baker, who has changed my life! After a short time wearing the TMJ appliance, I no longer have ear problems, rarely have headaches, and I wake in the morning feeling refreshed rather than exhausted. My life has been significantly changed for the better, and for this I will be forever grateful to Dr. Baker and his wonderful staff.

Thanks, everyone!
Lee D.

I've had TMJ, creating headaches and muscle pain, for many years. During that time, I've seen many doctors and have had various orthotics (mouth splints) and even had disc replacement surgery, which gave me little-to-no relief.

While living in Wichita, I went to see Dr. Baker, and a few weeks after receiving my orthotic, my headaches were gone and my muscle pain decreased significantly. After years of use, my orthotic needed replaced. I sought help from three different doctors in the Chicago area (where I live now). None could duplicate the orthotic and results I had with Dr. Baker.

I now travel back to Wichita just to see Dr. Baker, and once again, I'm experiencing the positive results of the past. I highly recommend Dr. Baker and his staff for the treatment of TMJ, as they have helped me tremendously.

Lynne R.